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7453 (F7453PC) 4-wide 2-input AND OR INVERT gates - Fairchild Semiconductor

F7453PC   expandable 4-wide 2-input AND OR INVERT gates in a 14 pin DIP package ...

£2.25 £2.00
74LS365 (DM74LS365AN) Hex tri-state buffers - National Semiconductor

DM74LS365AN Hex tri-state buffers in a 16 pin DIP package by National Semiconductor. Do...

£1.06 £0.75
74F11 (74F11PC)   tripple 3-input AND gate - Fairchild

74F11PC Tripple 3-input positive AND Gate in a 14 pin DIP package by Fairchild S...

uPD71086C 8-Bit buss driver-buffer - NEC

uPD71086C   8-Bit buss driver/buffer in a 20 pin DIp package by NEC. Download NEC ...

£5.99 £4.00
HY53C464LS-10  265K (64K x 4-Bit) DRAM  - Hyundai

HY53C464LS-10  265K (64K x 4-bit)  100nS DRAM in a 18 pin DIP package by Hyundai...

£5.00 £4.00
220/330 Ohm resistor network (B898-5-R220/330) - Beckman Industrial

A complex array of mixed resistors 220 Ohm and 330 Ohm in a white ceramic & gray ...

100 Ohm  761-3-R100  isolated resistor network - CTS

100 Ohm  761-3-R100  series 761 isolated resistor network in a 16 pin ceram...

4027 (HEF4027BP)  dual J-K master-slave flip flop  - Philips

HEF4027BP   CMOS dual J-K master-slave flip flop in a 16 pin DIP package by ...

£0.32 £0.25
74LS682 (SN74LS682N) 8-Bit magnatude comparator - Texas Instruments

SN74LS682N 8-Bit magnatude comparator in a 20 pin DIP package by Texas Instruments Down...

£2.10 £1.25
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