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Thermal cut out switch 70 degree C (T23A070ASR2-15) - Honest-Well

Normally closed (NC)  SPST  250V 10Amp by Honest-Well Downlad Honest-Well T23...

£1.45 £1.10
T4148 small signal silicon diode

T4148 (just a branded 1N4148) signal diode in a DO-35 case. Download Fairchild 1N4148 d...

£0.04 £0.02
BZX55C3V3 Zener diode - TSC

BZX55C3V3   3.3Volt 500mW   5% Zener diode in a  glass DO-35 case...

£0.04 £0.02
7812 (uPC7812H)   12Volt positive voltage regulator - NEC

 uPC7812H  12Volt positive voltage regulator in a TO-220 case by NEC. Do...

£0.70 £0.40
TO-99-8 mounting pads

TO-99-8 mounting pads OK folks, so lets face it the 8 lead TO-99 can package is a compl...

1N2845 zener diode - Motorola

1N2845 zener diode in an all gold plated TO-3 can by Motorola. Download Motorola 1N2845...

£32.00 £25.00
J16-5Sp Germanium photodiode - Teledyne-Judson

J16-5Sp germanium photodiode in a 2 pin TO-5 gold plated can  by Judson Infrared (now...

£44.00 £25.00
BC184 silicon NPN transistor - Motorola

BC184 silicon NPN transistor in a TO-92 case by  Motorola. Download  Mot...

2N1304 NPN Germanium transistor - Mullard

2N1304 NPN Germanium transistor in a TO-5 can by Mullard. Download Central Semicon...

£2.50 £1.50
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